What is the best way to buy Finger Monsters? Can I get Finger Monsters bulk?

Posted on March 28 2017

Finger Monsters Bulk in Box
You'd be surprised how few people know about all the Finger Monster options that exist! Who knew you would have to ask what is the best way to buy Fingers Monsters? Is there a way to get Finger Monsters bulk? If you don't know what Finger Monsters are, might we suggest you watch this and listen to the Presidents of the United States of America song about them.
For people that want a ton of monsters, you can see a picture of the bulk box above. You get 60 monsters at a great price. Just think, you and five of your friends can have a Finger Monster on every finger. 
Every style of Finger Monsters 8
Of course, for the average person, just having one of each monster will be enough. For them, we sell the Deluxe Finger Monster Set of 8. We're going to use Glog to compare all the sets, so here's Glog:
Finger Monster Glog
As you can see, Glog is so popular that we have him on the wall in the hallway of our corporate headquarters. 
Glow in the Dark Finger Monsters Bulk Box
What if you want to Finger Monster at night? For that we have the Glow-in-the-Dark Finger Monsters Bulk Box and Glow-in-the-Dark Finger Monsters Set of 8.  You can see that while these monsters are mostly glow, we did change the paint job on them. 
Glow Glog Finger Monster
Glow Finger Monsters Set of 8
Did you know the Finger Monsters have names? You can see who's who on the back of the box. 
Finger Monster Names
It's Geez, Glog, Rodney, Fluther, Spike, Kipper, Saurn and Sark!

If this isn't enough for you, we've done two special collector's editions with different paint jobs that are still available. 

Boxed Set of Finger Monsters on Fingers
The Deluxe Finger Monster Boxed Set has four of your favorite monsters in a brand new color scheme! But, if color isn't your thing we have yet another option.
Black and White Finger Monsters Noir
Last, but not least is the Black and White Finger Monsters. It's like they're starring in their own classic monster movie!
Black and White Glog
Finger Monster Mix and Match
You can mix and match monsters however you want! 

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  • Jim Emmerson: March 31, 2017

    Thanks for keeping the finger monsters alive! I remember winning a lot of them at an elementary school carnival in Hawaii in the 60’s!

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