Finger Hands for Finger Hands

Posted on March 30 2017

Finger Hand for Finger Hand on an actual hand
One of the most requested products that we haven't made is a Finger Hand for Finger Hands. People love the idea of an infinite regression of ever-tinier Finger Hands extending out forever. While this product doesn't exist yet, we wanted to give people a place to request it. Would you buy a Finger Hand for your Finger Hands? Should we make them?
We already have lots of ways to buy Finger Hands, so we don't want to flood the market with product that nobody really wants. So if a fractal Finger Hand fiesta appeals to you, leave a comment below and we'll consider it. Just think, a Finger Hand so tiny it would fit in a peanut!Finger Hands for Finger Hands closeup
Finger Hands stacked on Finger hands
As close as you can get using our current Finger Hands
Shop for Finger Hands here!


  • Tim: May 25, 2017

    Yes please!

  • marteena caple: April 10, 2017

    Didn’t know I needed more, tinier hands in my life til now.

  • Heckman: April 08, 2017


  • Heckman: April 08, 2017


  • Tim larson: April 08, 2017

    Yeah finger hands for finger hands would be bomb.

  • charlie: April 04, 2017

    I would definitely buy a pair of the tiny tiny hands! The tiny hands that go on the smaller hands, that go on my large man sized hands!

  • Maria: April 03, 2017

    Definitively YES!…
    This will improve my efficiency every time I high-five by 25X, or 50X if using the two-handed style!!!

  • Mar: April 02, 2017

    YAAAAAAAAAA@AAAAAS. In a bulk box please.

  • Sara Blumenstein: April 02, 2017

    Yes. Yes. and Yes. All of us nerdy, goofy customers know that these are fractals. I must have these to show my students.

  • Cathy: April 01, 2017

    A thousand times yes! I need this in my life!

  • Zoe Frances: April 01, 2017

    THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAT WE NEED THAN THIS PRODUCT #weneedfingerhandsforourfingerhands

  • Allison: April 01, 2017


  • Alyssa: April 01, 2017


  • Yes: April 01, 2017


  • maya: April 01, 2017

    o hell yes

  • Barry Latham: April 01, 2017


  • Noelle : April 01, 2017

    Does a bear poop in the woods? YES

  • Jeanne: April 01, 2017

    Ya, you betcha!

  • Zoltron Zoltron: March 31, 2017

    Of course

  • Carol: March 31, 2017


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