Not a Review of the Handisquirrel (Including Video!)

Posted on March 28 2017

Handisquirrel climbing tree squirrel finger puppet

Do you like squirrels more than hands? You are in luck, because the next product in our popular "handi-animals" finger puppet series is here... The Handisquirrel! Since we made the product, this post isn't really a review, but it does give you an in depth peek at what you get! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see video of it in action. In the meantime, let's take closer look!

Closeup of Handisquirrel

The detail on this is incredibly good and the face has a lot of personality. It's not quite realistic, but it certainly looks like a happy squirrel.

side view handisquirrel headthree quarter view handisquirrel head

 And while the legs on a real squirrel have different kinds of claws for front and rear legs, the hand squirrel has the same kind of creepy climber claws on all the legs. 

Paw side of handisquirrel legback of handisquirrel paw

So except for a tail, which you can easily draw on or make with a bit of faux-fur, this basically makes your hand into a real squirrel. You can forage for nuts, irritate your friends or take squirrel-selfies in the peanut butter aisle of the grocery store. 

Buy a Handisquirrel here!

Handisquirrel climbing tree with blue sky


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