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  • Benedict Cumberbatch and Finger Hands

    Posted on August 29 2017

    Thank you to the fan that brought a set of our Finger Hands to meet Benedict Cumberbatch! They're reenacting a very special scene from Dr. Strange.

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  • Cat Head Squirrel Feeder Behind the Scenes

    Posted on July 10 2017

    When our new Cat Head Squirrel Feeder came in, we needed a picture fast. After a few moments of planning we sprang into action. We hatched a plan involving taxidermy and a piece...

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  • Should I buy Finger Cat Paws? What can I do with them?

    Posted on July 07 2017

    Finger Cat Paws Rubbing a Cat Finger Hands are one of our most popular products! So, when we sat down and tried to figure out how to top them we immediately thought...

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  • Introducing Patriotic Slug

    Posted on July 04 2017

    To celebrate July 4th, we invented a new character - Patriotic Slug! Ok, it's really just one of our Banana Slug Masks and a flag shirt, but you have to...

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  • Super Awesome Show for July

    Posted on July 01 2017

    In this episode of the Super Awesome Show, Shana and David Wahl discuss Finger Cat Paws, Car Full of Cats Sunshade, Sloth Nurse Bandages, Bravery Bandages, Rosie the Riveter Bandages,...

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  • Finger Sporks on Good Mythical Morning

    Posted on June 26 2017

    The hilarious YouTube duo Rhett and Link decided to "review" Finger Sporks on an episode of Good Mythical Morning! The whole episode is really funny, but the Finger Sporks bit starts about...

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  • Demonstrating the Inflatable Rubber Chicken

    Posted on June 15 2017

    Why would you need an Inflatable Rubber Chicken? There are certain situations where you don't have room for a full size Rubber Chicken, so being able to fold one up...

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  • New dog photo op at the Archie McPhee store

    Posted on June 03 2017

    You know those photo props where you get a big piece of wood or cardboard and cut a hole in them and stick your head through? Well, the Seattle Archie McPhee...

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  • June Super Awesome Show

    Posted on June 01 2017

    Shana and David Wahl host the Super Awesome show! This time they discuss pillows, Finger Slugs, Bigfoot and the Archie McPhee Threadless Shop!

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  • Infinite High Fives by Jesse McLaren

    Posted on May 28 2017

    What do you get when you mix Finger Hands with a fidget spinner? If you're comedian Jesse McLaren you get an infinite loop of high fives. Take a look at...

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  • David Wahl's Driveway

    Posted on May 09 2017

    David Wahl, our Director of Awesome, has worked at Archie McPhee for over 20 years. However, he also has a life away from us. In this case, The Humor Weakly...

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  • Jane Austen Products

    Posted on April 26 2017

    These items have been discontinued and are no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of them or would like us to bring them back, leave a comment on this post...

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  • Super Awesome Show Spring 2017

    Posted on April 20 2017

    In this episode of the Super Awesome Show, David Wahl and Shana discuss the latest Archie McPhee products including Go to Hell: the Game, Glow-in-the-Dark Finger Monsters, Glow-in-the-Dark Finger Hands,...

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  • No Soliciting, Unless You're In A Banana Suit

    Posted on April 17 2017

    When we put originally put our "No Soliciting" sign up on the door to our corporate offices we really didn't want any solicitors. Once we took a look at it,...

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  • Keita Takahashi and the Handicorn Design

    Posted on April 13 2017

    One of our favorite video game designers, Keita Takahashi ( Katamari Damacy, Wattam), discovered our Handicorn in a store and commented, "If i were a designer of this toy, i will pick...

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