New Art for the Archie McPhee Store in Seattle

June 16 2015

Original Side of Archie McPhee store in Wallingford 

As much as we loved the art on the side of our store in Wallingford, time, weather and the inevitable turnover of products meant it was time to change it up. This time we decided to give customers a few more options for photos! 

Mr. Baco being carried across Archie McPhee parking lot

Mr. Bacon is really enjoying the ride to his new home!

Mr. Bacon being installed on Archie McPhee store

Roger and Shana with Mr. Bacon

Here are Shana and Roger with the new and improved Mr. Bacon with speech bubble. He loves Archie McPhee!

Negative Space Unicorn at Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee and unicorns go so well together! In fact, we asked the mayor if we could keep a unicorn in our parking lot. He said we could! (If we had the proper permits.) This is a negative space version of our new unicorn before it was installed. 

UFO installation at Archie McPhee

The one thing we know for sure is that we wanted a UFO. We wish it had been able to levitate with some futuristic anti-gravity propulsion engine, like actual real-life UFOs, but this one had to take off the old fashioned way. 

Heff with Yuji Pigeon Man holding balloons strange friends

Here is Scott Heffernan admiring our wistful pigeon man holding balloons. It's actually just a guy wearing our Pigeon Mask

Bigfoot arm installation at Archie MCPhee

It's Bigfoot! What's a trip to Seattle without having your picture taken with Bigfoot?

Mark Pahlow at Printer with Bibo belly

We took a trip to the printer while they were creating the pieces for the side of the store. Here is our owner, Mark Pahlow, standing next to a half-printed Bibo. The observant among you will spot Mark's face in Bibo's belly.

Bibo on Archie McPhee store with Mark Pahlow in belly

Bibo belly man!

Mark and David Wahl Inspect Squirrel Underpants

Mark and David Wahl inspect the Squirrel Underpants

Almost completed art on Archie McPhee store in Wallingford

Installation guys pose with crow woman and unicorn. Getting these placed correctly took a lot of time and care. They did a great job. 

New art on Side of Archie McPhee store

We love the finished product! Come visit us and take your own pictures. Get directions here!


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