Mark Pahlow's Guide to Seattle Through the lens of Archie McPhee

Posted on May 14 2015

Mark Pahlow with a Squirrel in Underpants

Ever wonder what the creator of Archie McPhee finds interesting in Seattle? Well, Stacy Booth interviewed our own Mark Pahlow about just that! He reveals all. Talking about the best places to shop, eat and drink. Also, he describes his perfect day! 

Start the morning with an enormous pot of coffee. Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend. Work Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr for a few hours, where I get a lot of inspiration and ideas and amusement from all of that social media, particularly Tumblr.

Then I’d probably move on to my favorite place in Seattle, which is Lakeview Cemetery. I’d go by and see Bruce Lee’s grave and look at the things people left. All sorts of odd things are left as offerings on Bruce Lee’s grave. I just love walking around that cemetery because it’s an incredible history of Seattle, of immigration.

Read the whole article here!



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