Bibo Ornament

  • 3-3/4” tall glass ornament
  • Shaped like god monster
  • Has real googly eyes & glitter cheeks
  • Comes with string for hanging
Item #: 12627


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  • Our strangest ornament by far

      Hang this Bibo Ornament on your tree and you’ll confuse everyone. Who is Bibo? Bibo is an Archie McPhee favorite. His appeal is partially that he’s impossible to explain. When we originally asked who he was, the manufacturer told us he is a god monster that shoots colored smoke from his hip (See full story below). If you want to make Christmas a little weirder, this 3-3/4” tall glass Bibo head will be happy to stare at you with its real googly eyes. Adorably bizarre! Includes a string for hanging or can sit on its own.

      Story of Bibo!

      Bibo is a God Monster with intelligence. He has two big eyes, and he knows very well what people want to do. He cannot speak, but only “Bi-Bo.” When there is any danger happened, he will speak. The top of his head will light up and his hip will makes many colorful smoke to help him survive because this smoke is very stinking and it can hinder the sight of his enemies. We love Bibo very much because he always survive by using some funny ways.