Announcing the Rubber Chicken Museum! (Not an April Fools' Joke)

April 01 2018

Rubber Chicken Museum Logo

We've got something to squawk about! 

The museum is now open! Click here for details!

Instead of an April Fool's Day prank, we'd like to announce that at 3PM on May 11, 2018, we're going to be opening our Rubber Chicken Museum. It will be located in the Archie McPhee store in the Wallingford Neighborhood of Seattle. Not only will you get a history of the rubber chicken, but also some great surprises. Never has an educational experience been so darn hilarious! You'll get your PhD in LOL!

Rubber Chicken Museum Logo Shirt - May

Today, as you can see, we're revealing the logo! You can get the Rubber Chicken Museum logo shirt online or Archie McPhee in Seattle. 

Case of secrets ACME

We've got cases of secrets waiting to be revealed on May 11th! Unless we chicken out. We'd hate to count our chickens before they're hatched. Seriously, some of  the things we're going to be displaying are rare as hen's teeth. You'll be taking pictures and texting them to your friends with a concise "WTC!" (What the cluck.) Until then, you can imagine, we're a little overwhelmed with rubber chickens.

Overwhelmed by Rubber Chickens


  • Bob Larson: July 16, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I am definitely going to the RC Museum. It would be great to be there on National Rubber Chicken Day, which is February 19. Yes, that is a real thing, at least where I work…

  • Vivian McAlexander: May 09, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I am an old fan of your catalogs and weird goodies! So glad you are with us. Rubber chickens rule!

  • Paul: April 01, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Your Kidding, I’m bring up my whole family. From all over the world. To enjoy this. Oh, they’re coming one way or another! So, if you see someone, dragging someone against their will (or God forbid) not with us any more! They gonna see this! Lol love you Guys and Gals!

  • Gary Comingore: April 01, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I have a few close friends who happen to be rubber chickens. What really sets them apart is that they are psychic rubber chickens, and are capable of some pretty amazing things.

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