Pictures of Tin Foil Hat for Cats (And Humans)

March 28 2018

Tin Foil Hat for Cats - Conspiracy Kitty

Have you seen our new Tin Foil Hat for Cats? We wanted to provide some picture of it in action on real cats. These cats are not only probably protected against mind control, they also look adorable. 

Tin Foil Hat for Cats White Cat

Tin Foil Hat for Cats - White Kitty Walking

How do you know if your cat is mind controlled? Here are a few tell-tale signs that something sinister might be going on with your kitty.

Does your cat sometimes stare blankly into space? When you talk to your cat does it sometimes completely ignore you as if you don't even exist? Does your cat not like to have its belly touched? One of the ways the Russian test to see if cat mind control is working is to have your cat knock seemingly random objects off of shelves and counters. Also, if mind controlled your cat will suddenly hide in any available box for spying purposes. Also, you also may catch your cat surfing the dark web.

Tin Foil Hat for Cats - Closeup

Of course, it's not just cats that are subjected to these kinds of distance control methods. Every satellite that flies overhead may be sending pulses to tap your skull and using magnetic resonance to get you to change your opinions. Well, take a gander our Tin Foil Hat for Humans! Maybe it will offer the protection you deserve. (Plus if you're a Crazy Cat Lady or Crazy Cat Guy, you'll look so adorable matching your cat!)

Tin Foil Hat for Humans - Girl

Tin Foil Hat for Humans - Man Gif unicorn

Tin Foil Hat for Humans  - Girl Gif forest

If you're giving it as a gift, it comes in a beautiful package that completely explains the point of the product!

Tin foil hats for cat package frontTin foil hats for cats package back

TIn Foil Hat for Humans - Package Front

Tin Foil Hat for Humans - Package back Not just for nuts



  • John Powell: May 09, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Are bizarre things funny? Not usually. But give it to Archie, and I’m in hysterics looking at a cat in a tinfoil hat. And I don’t really know what’s funny about that. Or why I need to get one (It’s not for me.)

  • Shon: April 02, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    In case aliens want to probe your cats mind. Better than their behind.

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