Animal Finger Puppets: Do They Pass the Vibe Check?

December 03 2020

Each set of Finger Animals comes with 4 colors (and personalities). Made from soft vinyl, they range from 1.75” - 2” tall.


From left to right: Ozzie, Fiona, Carlos and Hazel

The Finger Cats are the tallest and most self-domesticated of the Finger Animals. With four different breeds, there are endless opportunities for knocking pens off of your desk. Get to know Ozzie, Fiona, Carlos and Hazel while causing mischief around the house and in the neighborhood. 

Lift them up next to your face and let them whisper secrets into your ear. Keep them in your pocket, or even dangle them from your drinking glass. They're so cute that you'll never feel a crushing sense of loneliness ever again. I know it was all over for me once I saw their tails. If you're trying to have a truly wild time, introduce them to their real-life cat doppelgänger. Be warned though, doing so may cause both cats to question their own reality. 

Here's when Carlos met Oliver Beans, his real-life cat lookalike:

Orange cat look at orange cat finger puppet


We looked into the void and the void said: "Finger Rats." They will be your constant companion while cooking dinner… unless of course they insist on cooking for you. Specializing in tomato-based pasta dishes, they come highly recommended from chefs in Paris. Just make sure to clean up in the kitchen, as any scraps left out past midnight will be taken as offerings and used to summon Mega Rat, who will materialize inside the walls of your home. Myron, Shortie, Kevin and Lefty are bound to become your closest dining companions! 

From left to right: Myron, Shortie, Kevin and Lefty


These Finger Squirrels are extremely talented. Their arms are perfectly sized to hold an acorn perfectly, but don’t let their abilities distract you from their true motives. They may or may not try to steal underpants from the dryer… but only after cranking the heat as high as possible in an effort to shrink them down to squirrel size. If you stand too still while holding them they will assume you’ve turned into a tree, so watch out.

From left to right: Austin, Earl, Nutter and Pearl

A cool thing you could do is pretend to let them to snack on seeds from any and all bird feeders in sight. Not only will Austin, Earl, Nutter and Pearl become well fed, but you will become known as the neighborhood nut; freaking out humans, birds and real squirrels. 

Austin the squirrel finger puppet eating from a bird feeder   Two squirrel finger puppets eating from a squirrel feeder


Sometimes all you need in life is a magical pal to gallop alongside you. Finger Unicorns will be your eternal companion. Personally, I choose to carry them around in my pocket and whip them out to help me make decisions while running errands or choosing clothes to wear in the morning. Luckily Unicorns are well known for their impeccable style; and well-groomed hooves, mane and tail. They will energetically influence you into making the right choice. They come in four different personalities to match any outfit: Raoul (pink), Stella (blue), Marty (green) and Avery (purple). 

Four unicorn finger puppets in various colors



Just what you always wanted, a pig pal to bring into to the city! Finger Pigs are smart as heck and will dazzle you with their extensive knowledge on local arts and culture while you take a walk around town. They graduated at the top their class from St. Oinkers Academy, so you know they're the real deal. Pigs are well known for representing good fortune so you’ll want to have these by your side. They’re also the perfect pal for when you haven’t cleaned in a while because they will not judge you for dishes left in the sink or unwashed clothing. Collect all four: Poppy, Quincy, Tilly and Digby.


Four pig finger puppets in various colors




Collect each finger puppet to keep yourself company and show off to all your friends and family while video chatting! 


An array of finger puppets on a hand


Vibe Check: Passed ✅


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