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  • George Takei calls Archie McPhee "Brilliant"

    Posted on February 28 2014

    George Takei called us "brilliant" today on his Twitter account! That right, he saw Jim Zielinski's fantastic picture of a squirrel in our Horse Head Squirrel Feeder and declared us...

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  • Anthony Bourdain's The Layover Visits Archie McPhee in Wallingford

    Posted on February 04 2014

    Anthony Bourdain came to the Archie McPhee store in Wallingford to shop for weird stuff. He was amazingly nice and seemed to have a really good time. He even said...

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  • Archie McPhee Snowflake by Kit Cameo

    Posted on June 16 2013

    We love Kit Cameo and her snowflakes! Her delicate paper snowflakes are so intricate it's almost unreal. We commissioned her to make an Archie McPhee snowflake and it turned out...

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  • Lunch Lady Action Figure

    Posted on April 21 2013

    This item has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of it or would like us to bring it back, leave a comment...

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  • Nunzilla - Wind Up Sparking Nun

    Posted on March 13 2013

    Remembering Nunzilla This item has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of it or would like us to bring it back, leave...

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  • Photo Shoot for the Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

    Posted on January 22 2013

    When we decided to do an Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats, Spyke's owner Molly volunteered her kitty to be the model for the package. Scroll down to see how the package...

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  • Seattle Sketcher Visits our Design Department

    Posted on December 14 2012

    When Seattle Sketcher, Gabriel Campanario, stopped by our corporate headquarters to meet our design team we weren't sure what to expect. But the resulting article, Twisted Toys from Twisted Minds,...

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  • Jabba Jam

    Posted on December 11 2012

    In the early 1990s, we found some musty boxes of Jabba the Hutts on the third floor of an open air parking garage in downtown Chicago. The guy offering them for...

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    Posted on November 24 2012

    Dave Barry chose our items for his 2012 Christmas gift guide! He selected the Squirrel Mask, Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats, and the Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Humans. Here’s what...

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  • Vinderpants Video with Chester McGuinness

    Posted on June 13 2012

    Chester McGuinness is back again with a new product, Vinderpants: the underpants for your wine. He helps a couple make a love connection and avoid naked wine.  Here are a...

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  • Fuzz Action Figure

    Posted on February 01 2012

    Remembering the Fuzz Action Figure This item has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of it or would like us to bring...

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  • Free Fold-Up Piano

    Posted on December 01 2011

    A free papercraft piano! We once made a whole series of composer action figures, but they have been discontinued. However, we designed a piano to go along with them that you...

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  • Ear Guards: Chester McGuinness stops ear spiders

    Posted on September 29 2011

    Chester McGuinness wants you to stop bugs from crawling in your ears while you sleep with Ear Guards! This infomercial deals with a very real problem: spiders crawling into your...

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  • HIgh Priestess of Rubber Chickens, Shana Iverson

    Posted on June 21 2011

    Our very own Shana Iverson was featured in the Seattle Times "Cool Jobs" column. Shana not only manages the Archie McPhee Seattle Store, she also directs the wholesale part of...

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  • Wired Magazine visits Archie McPhee

    Posted on April 28 2011

    The wonderful folks at Wired dropped by the Archie McPhee store in Seattle for a visit. Not only did they write amazing things about it, they took some absolutely gorgeous...

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