Podcast ep 25: Mark Pahlow and the Cloak of Absurdity

Posted on October 23 2018

Mark Pahlow is here! The founder of Archie McPhee shares how it came to be, what you should eat while watching monster movies, what it feels like to be fired as a Viking and how being disappointed in someone else can lead to innovation and self-sufficiency.  This is a good one! 

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  • LuAnn: November 03, 2018

    You are right about Ohio being weird. When my 6 kids were little we took an RV road trip from Minnesota to Washington DC. From border to border in Ohio, they threw up. They took turns, but it hit them all. Was it bad McDonald’s food? Motion sickness? Or…the OHIO FLU? As miserable as it was, it couldn’t happen again on the way home, right? Nope, it could. We were all thrilled to see the Indiana sign. To this day my adult kids remember and shudder when they think of Ohio.

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