Where Can I Buy a Sense of Humor?

March 17 2017

Alastair holding a sense of humor rubber chicken

The world is dealing with a lot of serious issues right now, but if you don't laugh sometimes you'll stop enjoying life altogether. We wanted to help, so we gathered together some of our most popular prank products and instant laugh-getters into one box so you could send it a friend or relative who has forgotten that sometimes things are just stupid and silly. It even says on the label, "Congratulations! Someone bought you a sense of humor." 

This product took about three hours from conception to being posted on the web for sale. Obviously, we have tons of hilarious products, so the most challenging thing was just narrowing them down. Do we include Fake Teeth (yes) or a Propellor Beanie (no)? We got our warehouse manager, Alastair, to pose for the product picture with his best expression of dour misery.

Truly, the intent behind the idea is good. Our intention is for you to send it to someone you love to maintain a connection with them, not send it to someone you dislike to make a point about their lack of humor. Even if you can't make the person smile, they can adopt a kind of "fake it to make it" attitude in their disguise glasses while holding a Rubber Chicken. There's even a whoopie cushion in there! 
If something in the box doesn't make you smile or laugh, you are probably beyond hope.

Behind the scenes shot of Alastair with Rubber Chicken and Groucho Glasses

Alternate pose for Sense of Humor Alastair


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