Not a Review of the Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book

March 16 2017

Cover the Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book


So, it's not quite a review since we made it, but we thought you might like to take a peek inside our Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book. First, you should know we love crazy cat ladies. We made the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure over a decade ago and haven't looked back since. 

Since so many people like to self-identify as a crazy cat lady, we decided that we'd make the coloring book a little tongue-in-cheek. The plot of the book is that a woman finds true happiness by finally accepting her love of cats. In other words, it has a very happy ending! 

Kitty Hawkins in Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book

The whole story is told from the perspective of Kitty Hawk, a wise old cat. Kitty Hawk was based on Kitty Hawkins, a neighbor cat one of our designers got obsessed with. 

The original Kitty Hawkins & a page colored by her two-year-old owner, Tennessee.

Probably the funniest page in the book is the one where the crazy cat lady's significant other decides to move out and all her problems disappear. 
All her problems disappear

In the end, she is a happier person. There's damaged furniture, a lot more cat hair and tons and tons more cats. 

Before and After Crazy Cat Lady

The book created controversy when someone discovered a few words we had slipped into the word search puzzle. Continuing the teasing nature of the rest of the book we thought it was funny to include a few negative words with all the kitty-positive ones. Well, that exploded across the internet when Imgur user RhodesRugger posted a picture of a completed puzzle. 

Completed Crazy Cat Lady Word Search
They didn't even find the word "toxoplasmosis!"


There were articles in newspapers all over the world including The Daily Mail and The Mirror. With all the feigned horror in the articles, we can only assume that it was a slow news day. We didn't hear from a single offended person, so it must only be reporters who are that sensitive. 


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