The Rubber Chicken Museum on Seattle Refined!

June 01 2018

Roger and host of Seattle Refined holding rubber chickens

Seattle Refined did this awesome story on our Rubber Chicken Museum! (Click here to watch it!) They got the inside scoop from Roger, the Big Daddy of Doodads. He even put on his sterile gloves and allowed them to closely examine the World's Smallest Rubber Chicken. 

The story also proved something we already knew, our customers provide the best quotes. 

Harold Simpkins has traveled the globe and says this museum is one of the newest wonders of the world.

“I've seen the pyramids of Giza, the hanging gardens of Babylon - or at least where they were. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything as bizarre or wonderful as this," he said.

If this story doesn't get you to visit the Rubber Chicken Museum, we don't know what will work! 

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  • Dennis Harrell: June 18, 2018
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    The venerable rubber chicken goes back many years. In the late sixties southeast Indiana had a weekend movie host, Bob Shreve,sometimes out of a station in Dayton, sometimes out of a station in Bloomington, Indiana, horror movies. He had a running shtick, every week he would read a fan letter where they wanted to see Chickie (his rubber chicken) a little longer. So Bob would obligingly stretch Chickie to twice his length.

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