Fun with Finger Hands (and Finger Hands for Finger Hands)

March 16 2018

Shon with dark tone finger hands

We have to admit that we love the stuff we make. David and Shon had way too much fun in our photo shoot for Finger Hands for Finger Hands. Once you put one of the Finger Hands on your finger, it's impossible to not enjoy yourself. You'll be posing and waving in no time. Click here to see all our tiny hands in both dark and light skin tone! 

High Five with Finger Hands for Finger Hands

While it's hard to take a picture of, it's pretty awesome to do tiny high fives with a friend when they accomplish some miniature goal. Let's say they finally get up the gumption to finally pay your friend back that ten bucks you owe them. A tiny high five is in order!

You can even do tiny handshakes to finalize really tiny business deals (penny stocks and micro-loans!). Or, you can make sure someone is serious about a deal by forcing them to shake the tiny hand. Some people don't want to shake the tiny hand, which makes me question their business acumen.

Hand shake with finger hands for finger hands


Of course, because Finger Hands are so inspirational, they can also make you thoughtful. They're good for tiny philosophical thoughts (ready for a little petite Plato or smallish Sartre) or new product ideas (what about Finger Hands for Finger Hands for Finger Hands?). Just imagine how adorable you'll look contemplating at the coffee shop while wearing these!

David Wahl thoughtful Finger Hands for Finger Hands
Thoughtful Shon with Finger Hands for Finger Hands


We don't want to brag too much about Finger Hands. They definitely won't solve all your problems, but we think that a little levity can definitely lead to a more peaceful world. In fact, putting these on your fingers while making the peace sign magnifies the intention fivefold (or twentyfivefold, we're not sure, the math gets complicated).

Shon making peace sign with dark skin tone Finger Hands for Finger Hands
David Wahl making peace sign with finger hands


Let's not downplay the fact that these are just plain weird. Part of the reason they are so appealing is that some people think they're creepy and strange. We acknowledge their oddness and celebrate it. Watching someone recoil as you reach out to touch their face with a mini-hand is hilarious for everyone except the person you're reaching out to touch.

David Wahl with finger hands eyes


If you pair the Finger Hands and Finger hands with a few of our rubber chickens you can get some great photos. Just imagine how awesome your Instagram is going to be! This shot uses our Itty Bitty Rubber Chicken, Pocket Rubber Chicken, and Deluxe Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chickens and finger hands


Bonus use! If you want to save a bit of money by getting a smaller laptop, the Finger Hands for Finger Hands will help you make use of the tiniest keyboard. Especially good for writing short stories. The computer in use is Apple's new 3" MacBook Pro. 

Finger Hands on tiny laptop

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    You guys are AWESOME!! Please consider me to help sell your goods!! I’m placing an order today!!!

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