New Penny Press at the Archie McPhee Store

Posted on March 10 2017

The four designs of pressed penny at Archie McPhee pennies

Some call it a penny press or a penny pincher, but whatever you call it the Archie McPhee store in the Wallingford of Seattle has one! You put your penny in, turn the crank and it stretches it and imprints it with one of four designs. Any of which will make a perfect souvenir. The official name for these is elongated coins

We chose our four designs carefully. As you can see above, you can get Bibo, a classic Rubber Chicken, the Wallingford Beast and a Finger Monster.

Pressed Penny Finger Monster Archie McPhee
Press Penny Wallingford Beast Archie McPhee
Press Penny Bibo Archie McPhee
Press Penny Rubber Chicken Archie McPhee
Pressed penny with Archie McPhee rubber chicken
Here are two videos demonstrating how it works. The first is condensed for the impatient and the second goes through the whole process as it happens. 
If you're interested in the history of the penny press, Mental Floss has an article that talks about its introduction at the 1893 World's Fair. Also, it mentions that collectors go on "squishin' missions" to visit penny presses around the US. We can't wait for them to start stopping in for a Bibo penny!


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