Meat Parade - The Music Video and the Fat-Marbled Single

March 09 2017

Cover of Meat Parade single with mr bacon
Not a Review of Come Join the Meat Parade!
We recorded a single and put it out on a vinyl 45! We thought to ourselves, what would it sound like if Mr. Bacon had a band? So, our IT guy, Dayton Allemann, wrote a couple of songs and got his friends to record them under the name Mr. Bacon and the Meat Parade. The A side of the single was "Meat March!" It's a rousing call for meat products to eat. The B side is a Danny Elfmann inspired tune about the pleasures of eating meat. 
Back of Meat Parade Single
The back of the sleeve is numbered. We produced it in a limited quantity of 1000, so it's super collectable. Also, you get the lyrics and even more awesome meat parade artwork. 

Here are the lyrics to Meat March!

Bring me your meat-pies! Bring me your sausage! Let them take part in the meat parade!
Cook them up till they're brown and savory and carve them up with a shining blade!
With stout little steak rolls or brave cuts of chuck roast hear the tramp of their little feet.
With bacon, knockwurst, ham or lamb; you'll never beat that meat!
March march march through the arch of the open kitchen door. I adore the aroma!
Tramp tramp tramp up the ramp to my barbecue! Ooh!
With glistening ham hocks upon the butcher-block while his comrades cheer from the street;
Be it rump-roast, sirloin or venison, you'll never beat that meat!
The beautiful fat marbled meat parade single
To top it all off, each vinyl 45i s uniquely marbled with fat! That's right, each one looks like it was sliced off a fatty and delicious musical salami. Not to mention we made a music video, which you can watch below, that ends with the whole band going into a meat grinder.  Click here to buy one!
Mr. Bacon going into a meat grinder


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