Bulk Finger Monsters Unboxing Video

March 30 2017

All the Finger Monsters from unboxing video

There are lots of ways to buy Finger Monsters, but we think the best way is to get the bulk display box of 60. Once you open the box, you can use it to store all the monsters and it looks impressive on a shelf. If you're especially kind you could keep a box next to the door to your place and let everyone take a monster as they leave. 

To show you how awesome it was to get one of these display boxes, we made a video of our designer Scott Heffernan pointing out all the key features. He, like all of us, loves these monsters. His excitement is infectious. 

Here's a transcript of the video:

Hi! Today I’m going to be opening a box of these world famous Archie McPhee finger monsters. This is our bulk box of 60. There are a couple of ways you can buy these on You can buy just a bag of eight, if you want one of each style but today I am going to be opening this bulk box which comes with 60 finger monsters.

Okay, you can see this nice pink lettering and you can see the illustration of each finger monster. We’ve even given them names. Okay, I’m just going to cut open the sealed tab on the front of the box here and open it up. This is what you see when you open the box. It is a box of finger monsters. So the box is an actual display box. You can see how the top folds up and creates kinda a backboard. But really I want to show you a close up of each of the monsters.

This is Spike, an orange guy with these cool yellow spikes and long arms.

This is Kipper, he’s got eyes on the top of his head, this nice green stripe on his back.

Here’s Saurn and he’s got these cool kinda web wings under his arms, his arms are up in the air and he has this spiked ridge, kinda Mohawk thing going on.

This is Sark, he’s kinda spikey all over. He’s got this yellow strip in the back and these two teeth in the front.

Here’s Geez, he’s got this really cool kinda exposed brain and this elephant like trunk that he has.

And we’ve got Rodney…

Rodney has six arms, this red face, kinda freaky looking. (almost inaudible grunt)

This is Fluther, he’s kinda multi-colored, yellow body, purple arms, red antenna, orange mouth… kinda cute.

And this is a fan favorite… this is Glog, he’s got the 4 eyes, this long kinda bill and these really cool claw hands. Glooooog.

And as you can see they go great on your fingers. There’s eight of them, eight different styles. They can move around and wiggle, have them fight. You can also just use them as kinda desk toys. They sit or stand just kinda on their base. There’s lots of different uses for them. Pencil toppers. A lot of people use them as party favors. I’ve even seen people use them while wrapping a present, like a birthday present, they’ll use them as an adornment, tie them on with the ribbon that they are wrapping the present with. There’s lots of different uses, you can see how multi-colored and beautiful they are. They’ve been really good to us over the years. We love our finger monsters. Again, you can get them at, that’s M C P H E E dot com and thanks for watching.

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