CityStream story! Seattle Channel visits Archie McPhee

Posted on November 01 2019


Wow, what can we say about this story from the CityStream show on the Seattle Channel except, thank you! They really took the time to examine how much deeply weird stuff we've done and talk to some amazing customers. You'll get to hear from Mark Pahlow, Shana Danger, and David Wahl about why they love Archie McPhee. Here some amazing stories about how we came to be and get a quick tour of a few items in our Rubber Chicken Museum. 

As David says when talking about the purpose and meaning of Archie McPhee, "We look for an empty place in people's lives and fill it with the things they don't know they were looking for."

They even posted some bonus footage where we talk about the time President Barack Obama shook hands with someone wearing one of our horse masks. 

You should watch the whole episode! It has haunted stuff and UFOs. 


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