Archie Mcphee Archives with Mr. Q: episode one

November 08 2019

Where does Archie McPhee get their inspiration? One way is our incredible archive of old toys and novelties. Our archivist, Mr. Q, has agreed to give you a tour of some of the weirdest and most appealing toys in our collection. In this episode, you'll get to see a squishy cuttlefish, vampire teen, an electric Señor Misterioso, a family of friendly nodding pigs, a novelty tooth toothpick dispenser and more!

While these items aren't for sale, we thought that you enjoy seeing them. It's a shame for them to sit in dusty boxes like some kind of lost treasure. We find it oddly relaxing to look through them and just appreciate how awesome they are. 

You won't believe the final thing! It's mind-blowingly weird. 


  • Russ Jones: December 11, 2019
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    I must have that creepy set of fingers (autocorrect, I meant figures but I’ll let it stand) and that Señor Mysterioso prototype. Since they’re clearly not for sale, and no doubt priceless, I guess I’ll just have to steal them.

    To the previous commenter, Jana, how are you with alarm systems? I can probably handle the lasers and the pressure-sensitive floor (I’ve seen a LOT of heist movies) if you can get us past the door alarm and the motion detectors.

    Look out, Mr. Q, I’m coming!

    ps: Any relation to Maggie Q? Can you get me an introduction?

  • Jana Weston: November 18, 2019
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    I don’t know whether to thank you or be mad at you for posting this video of toys from the archives. Damn! Don’t you know how bad some of us want this stuff? Do they belong to you, Mr. Q, or are they McPhee’s property? You know where this is heading….would you part with any of it for a certain price?

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