Podcast ep 62: Scary vegetable and transforming escalators

Posted on November 01 2019

In this episode, Heff, Shana, and David replicate one of our creative meetings. Normally, there are six people in the meeting and we are restrained by reality. However, during the podcast, we (mostly) pitch impossible products. We got random words from people on Twitter and turn them into Archie McPhee products. You might think that they're pretty out there, but in this episode, we actually edit out one of the ideas because we might make it. No, it's not an elbow fryer. But, if you want to make one, you've already pre-sold three of them. 
What would an Archie McPhee parsnip look like? This episode has all the details! Also, Heff tells an amazing My Buddy prank story. 


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