Archie McPhee Archives with Mr. Q: Episode Two Werewolf Pants

Posted on November 11 2019

Mr. Q is back with more paraphernalia from the Archie McPhee Archives! In this episode, you can see everything from pink and yellow walking monsters to a pink ball with a human mouth and feed. Not to mention the blue-eyed locals, spacemen, cavemen, and finally werewolves with various lengths of pants on.
Mr. Q loves a good werewolf, especially one with a rope belt, so this episode holds a special place in his heart. 
We hope you are enjoying these trips into our collection of toys and novelties.
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  • Yolanda Parker: January 02, 2020

    Love the stuff!! So funny and entertaining to say the least. I’m glad I received a catalog because I had never heard of the store before, and now I’m a huge fan!!

  • Barnetta Johnson: December 13, 2019

    Omg funny! Saw a post on Facebook and link in comments!
    Im loving every bit of all of it!

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