Emergency Horse Sounds

  • Electronic sound maker
  • Produces four sounds at the touch of a button
  • Neigh, whinny, snort and gallop
  • Batteries Included
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Item #: 12400


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  • What does the horse say?

      You're wearing your Horse Mask in public and generally creeping people out. It's all going well until someone asks you to whinny and neigh. That's when your pathetic attempts at horse sounds make everyone around you point and laugh. You've gone from hero to zero in just a couple of seconds. That's why you need this 3-1/2" electronic Emergency Horse noisemaker. It includes four sounds (neigh, whinny, snort, and gallop) that catapult you into the stratosphere of awesome horse trolling. Also good for phone conversations that could stand to be a lot horsier. Wear your Horse Mask secure in the knowledge that your horse noises won't be hoarse noises. Batteries included.