The Unlikely Success of Bacon?

December 21 2016

David Wahl stands with Mr. Bacon

The A.V. Club  interviewed our Director of Awesome, David Wahl, about all the Archie McPhee bacon products. He spills everything from the first bacon products to our fat-marbled bacon single to the future of bacon.

AVC: When did you start making bacon products? What were some of your earliest ones?

DW: The earliest bacon product we made was in 2003—the bacon air freshener. At the time, there were a few oddly scented air fresheners but nothing too weird. There were a lot of those scratch-and-sniff-type stickers that had really odd scents on them, so we got a scent of bacon and put it on an air freshener that looked like a big slab of bacon. We just thought it was funny, but we were shocked at how well it sold. It just catapulted itself to the top of our sales list right away.

Then we followed it up with bacon bandages, which was kind of a natural because of the shape of a bandage looks like a little strip of bacon. We have sold enough bacon bandages to stretch from Seattle to Portland a few times. Then we did bacon dental floss, bacon lip balm, bacon toothpaste. All that kind of stuff was where it all started.

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