The Power of Amazing Hypno Glasses with Video

April 11 2017

Amazing Hypno Glasses front of package

Amazing Hypno Glasses

There has never been a shortage of mail order attempts to profit from the science of hypnotism. Our Amazing Hypno Glasses are just the latest in a long line of courses, objects and books aimed at allowing you to control all the people around you. It seems like, in the past, it was mostly about guys hypnotizing women, but we think they are better used trying to hypnotize cats, politicians and police officers trying to give you a ticket. You can see a video of them in action if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.

While we aren't saying that these glasses imbue the wearer with special power to bend the wills of the weak-minded, we did include this warning on the back of the lens.

Warning on Hypno Glasses

WARNING! These glasses are a source of almost unlimited power. Do not let them fall into the hands of a stupid person.

Instruction for Amazing Hypno Glasses back of package

Here are the instructions on the back of the package:

Instructions for Hypno Glasses

To induce trance in subject, tell them to "gaze" into the infinite spirals of the glasses. From a position above subject's line of sight, begin subtly moving your head side to side to activate HYPNOTIC POWERS. Subject's head will begin to move. IMPORTANT: match the movements of subject until you are totally in sync.

Have subject say the word "sleep" each time the subject exhales. You say the word "sleep" each time subject inhales. Then say, "You are starting to feel sleepy… Your eyelids feel heavy and it is difficult to keep them open… You want to sleep… Sleep is restful… You deserve to sleep." You are using the POWER of their own mind to make them sleep.

When trance has been induced, begin to insert subtle suggestions into subject's mind. When you are finished, you need to say, "On the count of six, you will begin to wake up." Count from one to six slowly and, as you get to six, snap your fingers and subject will become aware of their surroundings again.

Results are not guaranteed; they take practice, skill and determination. USE YOUR NEWFOUND POWERS RESPONSIBLY!

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  • Tyler: January 23, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Bring me the Power of Amazing Hypno Glasses, please?! Please?!?

  • Tyler: January 23, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Bring me the Power of Amazing Hypno Glasses, please?!

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