Podcast Ep 54: Rusty Blazenhoff Episode! Marshmallow Fluff, Children's Fairyland, and Electric Dreams

Posted on August 08 2019

Rusty Blazenhoff, Scott Heffernan, Shana Danger, David Wahl

 Our friend Rusty Blazenhoff stops by Archie McPhee headquarters to talk with David, Heff, and Shana! We can guarantee that you've read something Rusty has written or enjoyed something obscure that she's discovered. She talks about her work with Children's FairylandBoing Boing, and her own "inbox zine" Electric Dreams! (You should subscribe to that, it's awesome!) She has made a huge impact on popular culture. We laughed really hard recording this one. 

Find out more about "postal activities" as Children's Fairyland here!

Rusty's letter to Marshmallow Fluff! 

Marshmallow Fluff


Popo! "When I was born I was very young..."

Popo the Clown

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  • Andy : August 25, 2019

    Rusty is amazing! Best podcast ever!!!!

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