Podcast ep 53: Sticknic 2019! Starring Bibo and Nancy Leson

Posted on July 25 2019

It's beginning to smell a lot like Sticknic! The yearly Archie McPhee staff cooking contest returns with guest judges Nancy Leson and Mark Pahlow. As usual, all the food had to be on a stick, but this year we added a required theme - Bibo! In this episode of the podcast, you can hear David and Shana discuss Sticknic, surprise cornholes and the legend of Bibo with Nancy and Mark. For more pictures, check out Archie McPhee's Instagram


Shana's Twinkie Bibo!

Bibo Food Truck

Farrell's Bibo with Diner supplies

Mark and Nancy judging a cornhole

The triumphant Graphics/IT team

Fulfillment Center Team

Customer Service

Roger representing the Store team (Say hey to Roger!)


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