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  • Archie McPhee Catalog 56 from 1997

    Posted on January 13 2016

    In 1997, we released our most controversial catalog ever. It marked our move from black and white on newsprint to beautiful color on glossy paper. Believe it or not, we...

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  • Archie McPhee Catalog 32 - 1994

    Posted on December 27 2015

    By 1994 Seattle had become a hip place. While most of this is because of the number of amazing bands on the Seattle scene and some amazing comic artists, we...

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  • Archie McPhee Catalog 18 - 1990

    Posted on December 17 2015

    Here's another scanned catalog - Catalog 18 from 1990. This catalog featured the muddy black and white pictures and awesome writing our customers had come to expect. Also included was...

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  • The First Archie McPhee Catalog -1984

    Posted on November 01 2015

    We thought you might like to see the first Archie McPhee novelty catalog from 1984! In his book, Who Would Buy This?, our owner, Mark Pahlow, describes its creation: I did the primitive...

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