Archie McPhee Catalog 32 - 1994

December 27 2015

Archie McPhee Catalog 32 cover, 1994

By 1994 Seattle had become a hip place. While most of this is because of the number of amazing bands on the Seattle scene and some amazing comic artists, we like to think that we helped a bit. This catalog cover featured our store staff and one of them (Pete on the far left) still works there. The layout in the catalog is a bit tighter and more traditional, but it still has a funky feel. One thing to check out in this catalog is the collections of stuff, our Tiny Treasures were one of the most awesome things we've ever sold.

Also, Archie McPhee started to help people find one another. We got calls from people in remote areas pleading with us to tell the name of anyone else in their zip code so they could find friends or romance. Here is a letter, from the catalog, telling one story of love through Archie.

Dear Archie McPhee Pals

Another true romance story! We met, we talked a lot, we went out to lunch, sparks flew, we went to the movies, we were too shy to do anything but talk. Then we went back to his place for some innocent Mystery Science Theater 3000 viewing. I spot your catalog on his coffee table! I place it strategically between us and lean forward to peruse it! I mention many of my favorite items... he leans forward to look... we are both leaning forward and reading your catalog intently... his arm slides around me as he leans closer to check out something I'm pointing at... and... we look at each other, realize true Archie McPhee love, and finally kiss! Wahooo! Thanks for providing a great starting point for people to meet and connect.
Yours forever,

Michele M.
San Carlos, CA

See all the pages in the catalog here!


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