Remembering My Pretty Nosehair

October 24 2014

My Pretty Nosehair Nose Hair

Remembering My Pretty Nosehair

This item has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of it or would like us to bring it back, leave a comment on this post and let us know.

Playing with My pretty Nosehair

Original description

Everybody has fond memories of sitting on Grandpa's lap and lovingly braiding his nose hair. Finally, that fun can be yours anytime with My Pretty Nose Hair. This large 3" plastic nose has adhesive on the inside to attach to your actual nose and two thick 2-1/2" shocks of hair hanging out of the nostrils. Wear it or keep it as a loving pet, either way you'll find yourself whispering, "I love you My Pretty Nose Hair" and knowing in your heart that it loves you just as much

Important thoughts on My Pretty Nosehair

We're known for our novelty disguises, especially our groundbreaking Googly Eyes Glasses and Awooga Glasses, but even we occasionally misfire.  

One of the most enduring novelty products of all time is a simple pair of Classic Disguise Glasses. The mustache and nose attached to a pair of plastic-rimmed glasses makes for an instant disguise or a quick laugh when slipped on during a dour event (you know, like a funeral or an intervention). Our thought was, how can we develop a successor to this all time great?

In 1999, we came up with My Pretty Nose Hair. This bulbous plastic nose was similar to the classic novelty glasses, but instead of the familiar mustache hovering under it, it had two rope-like shoots of nose hair sticking out. The hair hung 2 1/2" below the nostrils, long enough that it would tickle your lips if worn properly. The nose itself was held on by tiny pieces of two-sided tape.

When we first got samples back from the factory, they didn't seem to understand exactly what we were going for with the nose hair. It came in a rainbow of colors. In fact, one of the noses had braids of red, white and blue hair hanging from the nostrils that gave the product a particularly surreal patriotic symbolism. But even we have our limits and decided that anything but brown hair might be going a bit too far.

Our customers felt that the whole concept was going too far. No one wanted a product that extolled the virtues of hirsute nostrils. In fact, a few customers refused to touch it when we tried to give them one for free. Even with the added layer of packaging in as if it were a My Pretty Pony, it seemed to appeal to pre-teen girls less than any other group.

We take pride in producing something that when discovered in an archeological dig centuries from now, will cause College Professors to waste valuable time arguing over whether it's a religious artifact or something our warriors wore into battle to protect their sense of smell.


My Pretty NoseHaire collectible edition


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