Podcast ep 4: Handerpants, the underpants for your hands!

Posted on May 22 2018


Handerpants are one of our most popular products. Ever wonder how, or why, they came to be? Shana Danger, David Wahl, and Scott Heff talk about the trials and tribulations of selling underpants for your hands. The impracticality, harsh reaction, and whether or not Handerpanties would be funny. (They would not.)

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Uses for Handerpants:


Actual squirrel in Squirrel Underpants.


Here is the Chester McGuinness Handerpants video. 


Chester McGuinness response video!
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  • Shon: May 23, 2018

    Keep this going. It is a great start. People want to hear the stories behind the stories.

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