Podcast ep 3: Rubber Chicken Museum

Posted on May 16 2018


We recorded this podcast before the actual opening of the Rubber Chicken Museum. In the picture above, you can see Mark Pahlow, Shana Danger, Kirk Demarais, and David Wahl, posing in front of some of the cases. The stained glass rubber chicken directly above Kirk's head. Check out the videoes below for a more in-depth look at not just the museum, but also our Seattle Archie McPhee store

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Picture of Kirk Demarais licking the world's largest rubber chicken.

(Not encouraged.)



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  • James Often: June 01, 2018

    Glad to see a museum for the rubber chicken. We have utilized the Utah Rubber Chicken as a mascot since 2005. It has managed to provide us with good luck in keeping our electronic equipment functioning correctly.

    Thanks again for developing the Rubber Chicken Museum.

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