Podcast ep 16: Monsters, Loafman and Steve Q

Posted on August 14 2018

The return of Steve! Shana Danger, David Wahl, and Scott Heff are joined by former store-staffer Steve Q to talk about his favorite products, monsters, satanic panic, cheeks in a box, Handitaur and Loafman. Below you can see the famous Loafman and an array of Steve's best costumes!

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Glow Monster Head!

Steve's vampire dressed as a pirate!



  • dq: August 28, 2018

    5/5 rubber chickens agree: this guy is the BEST.

  • Steve Q. Sr.: August 28, 2018

    Steve’s talents are beyond description. He is a great asset to Archie McPhees. A very rare beautiful human being. McPhee look out,
    he’s back !

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