Podcast ep 15: The new first episode

Posted on August 06 2018


If you were looking for a place to start with our podcast, this is the one. David Wahl, Shana Danger, and Scott Heff talk about how the business is organized and how we each started. You're on our retail site, you can see our store here, and our wholesale site is here

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Scott Heff's video resume!

David with a SubGenius mug in 1995. 

Shana in 1994!


  • Gordon Haas: August 12, 2018

    I was looking at one of those clickbait things called “19 of the Funniest Things You Can Find on Google Street View” and I found some Archie McPhee merch pictured (It’s both the lead pic and the 3rd one down): http://twentytwowords.com/funniest-things-you-can-find-on-google-street-view/?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=influencer&utm_source=david

  • Gordon Haas: August 08, 2018

    Thanks for the shout-out in EP 15! I thought you might enjoy this spotting of an in-the-wild Archie McPhee on the Facebook page of Reno, Nevada’s (what else?) Pigeon Head Brewery. https://www.facebook.com/pigeonheadbrewery

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