Not a Review of Go to Hell! The Game

February 22 2017

Box of Go To Hell The Game

Since I work for Archie McPhee, I don't think that this can actually count as a review. It's more just showing off what you get when you order. I have played the game and I thought it was fun. It's the kind of thing that goes best with a glass of wine and giggly friends.

The picture above is the front of the box for Go to Hell! The Game. As it says, the game is "a mad dash to see who can get Dante to the 9th Circle of Hell first, while avoiding Heaven at all costs!"

Inside box of Go to Hell the Game

This is what you see when you open the box.

Go to Hell the Game Board

Here's the game board. As you can see, each circle is one of the deadly sins. As you work your way through all of them, you reach the core of hell itself and win the game. There is a lot of jumping around as the spaces send you all over the board. Just don't get sent to Heaven or you have to roll three sixes to get out. See what we did there? Three sixes!

Go to Hell The Game Dante Pieces

The game pieces are all Dante himself, looking very dapper, in different colored robes. 

Go to Hell the Game Hell Card Samples

Here are a few Hell Cards. The most valuable card is "Get Out Of Heaven Free." The spaces on the board are covered with minor sins, or peccadillos that correspond to the sin representing that circle. 

Go to Hell the Game Winning Space

This is how you win the game. As you can see, you have to roll past that deviously placed "Go to Heaven" space right before you pass through the final gates. When you finally roll a one, you'll go to Hell! And win!

You can buy your own copy here!


  • Tom Hampton: September 04, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    I don’t need your lovely game; I’m in Hell each weekday from 8 ’til 5. But I think I may buy it anyway, to learn about alternate Hells.

  • Courtney N Kelly: January 23, 2019
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    I just stumbled upon this cool website and I love it!

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