Edgar Allan Poe stoically juggling rubber chickens

Posted on February 22 2017

Edgar Allan Poe juggling rubber chickens

When our new Pocket Rubber Chickens arrived, our resident juggling expert, Alastair, decided to use them, with the help of some string and clever angles, to cheer up our morose Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure. As you can see from the picture, it doesn't outwardly appear that flipping chickens in the air pell-mell has changed Poe's mood for the better. However, we like to think that he's giggling inside.

If you are bigger than an action figure, these rubber chickens are intended to fit in your pocket. We believe this kind of portable good humor could change the world for the better. Or, you could buy a box and share them with everyone you meet!

Edgar Allan Poe with rubber chicken

Edgar Allan Poe Being Pecked to death by Rubber Chickens

Edgar Allan Poe being pecked to death by rubber chickens.


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