World's Largest Coffee Cup
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  • A real porcelain cup
  • 6" tall x 10" in diameter
  • Can hold 20 regular cups of coffee
  • Use as a planter, if you care about your health
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Don't let "the man" tell you how much coffee you can drink

The World's Largest Cup of Coffee is so big it can hold 20 regular cups of coffee. That's more coffee than you should drink, but don't let the threat of caffeine poisoning stop you. More than any practical use, this is a symbol of your love of coffee. This 6" tall x 10" in diameter real porcelain cup is the perfect monument to java. If someone is making you promise to cut back on coffee consumption, just tell them you'll only drink one cup a day - the World's Largest Cup! Made of porcelain.

NOTE: Due to size and weight restrictions, this item can be delivered GROUND ONLY.