Wasabi Candy Canes
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  • Set of six green & white candy canes
  • 5-1/4" tall wasabi-flavored candy canes
  • Makes the holidays spicier
  • Sneak one in with regular candy canes
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Have yourself a spicy little Christmas

You know they're Wasabi Candy Canes, but to everyone else they look like normal mint-flavored green-striped candy canes. Of course, when they grab one, instead of the minty goodness they'll be expecting, they get a mouthful of horseradishy heat! These are a perfect complement to your traditional Christmas sushi dinner. In fact, these might someday be popular in Japan, but we doubt it. There are six 5-1/4" tall wasabi-flavored canes in each illustrated box. Buy some Bacon Candy Canes to go along with these to complete your Christmas colors.