Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

  • Vinyl 9-1/2" x 10" hollow unicorn head
  • Makes feasting squirrels look magical
  • Hang feeder with string (not included)
  • Takes meh squirrels and makes them awesome
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Item #: 12550


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  • Rainbows, glitter and nuts

      With our other feeders we humiliated squirrels, but the Unicorn Squirrel Feeder uplifts them. It's like you're a wizard and cast a spell on the squirrels in your backyard. With a quick "unicornis in transmutare sciurus," that boring old mundane tree rat transforms into a magical beast from Fairyland. In other words, when squirrels eat out of the vinyl 9-1/2" x 10" unicorn head, it makes it look like they are a unicorn. Just attach the horn with a quick twist and then hang it with string (not included).