Unicorn and Horse Wedding Cake Topper

  • 6-1/4" polystone cake topper
  • Food grade plastic base
  • Features Horse Mask and Unicorn Mask
  • For that "special" couple
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$9.95 $15.00

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  • Does anyone have a reason why these two should not be married? Neigh

      Why a Horse and Unicorn Wedding Cake Topper? While some might think that unicorns and horses can't live together, we think opposites attract. This 6-1/4" tall polystone cake topper features our Magical Unicorn Mask and our Creepy Horse Mask on a bride and groom. Everyone knows a couple that does things a little bit differently, and we think this is the perfect decoration for them to have on their cake. I don't know if you've herd, but this helps couples have a stable relationship that will turn out to be a whinnier.