Toothpick Bird
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  • Stands atop 2" hollow base that stores toothpicks
  • Press bird's head to retrieve toothpick with beak
  • 3" tall, plastic
  • Toothpicks not included
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Item #: 10481


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No bird cares more about your oral hygiene

We all get food stuck in our teeth from time to time. It's one of life's little annoyances, and how you deal with it is what really counts and sets you apart from the crowd. There's no need to search for a boring box of toothpicks that you keep tucked away in a drawer. Press down the head of this handsome plastic bird and he will peck a pick for you! The bird stands atop a hollow base which stores toothpicks. The toothpicks aren't included, but we're pleased to report that the bird functions perfectly and becomes even more entertaining when paired with any of our flavored toothpicks. Mix up different flavors inside the base so your guests will never know what sort of toothpick they're about to get. Toothpick roulette!

This stylish red and black bird looks great wherever you place him - in the kitchen or in your cubicle, on a desk or a bedside table - wherever you need to have toothpicks on hand. Pair the toothpick bird with a few packages of our funky toothpicks as a fantastic housewarming or hostess gift.