Super Awesome Christmas Wrapping Paper Book
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  • 12 sheets of 27" x 18" gift wrap
  • Sheets come folded in book, perforated for easy removal
  • Increases the awesome of your presents by at least 73.2%
  • Santaur? What?
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You deserve a SUPER AWESOME Christmas

Sure, you could have a merry Christmas (yawn), but why not have a super awesome Christmas? This 13-5/8" x 9-5/8" book contains twelve 27" x 18" sheets of folded paper with Santaur, Santa Pickle, Bigfoot and other completely awesome things. All that weak, wimpy normal wrapping paper will get pushed to the wall behind the tree, and packages wrapped with Super Awesome Wrapping Paper will be opened first. Yule love it! Each sheet is perforated for easy removal.