Styrofoam Cat Head

  • Cat head made of styrofoam
  • 5-1/4” tall
  • A place to store cat hats
  • Looks good next to your wig stand
Item #: 12821

$2.99 $4.95

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  • Not to be used as a feline flotation device

      Dog people will ask, why make a styrofoam cat head? Cat people have probably already come up with about a million and one uses for this thing. The easy answer is that it’s a great place to store all your cat wigs. Our new 5-1/4" Styrofoam Cat Head is perfect as an objet d’art just waiting to be knocked off a shelf by a bored kitty! You can also use it for storing all your cat’s hats or decorate it as an art project. We use it to store our Cat Bonnets. Not to be used as a cat flotation device.