Hipster Mustache

  • Lifelike synthetic hair, adhesive backing
  • Hipper than any other fake mustache
  • Fits most upper lips
  • Goes great with skinny jeans & ironic headgear
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Item #: 12107

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  • An ironic lip rug is essential for that perfect hipster look

      We liked the Hipster Mustache before it was cool. Sometimes called the ironic mustache, this Hipster Mustache has an adhesive back so you can take it off as soon as someone rolls their eyes. Pair it with an ironically terrible shirt from the early 1990s and a PBR for the perfect hipster ensemble. Just remember, if this mustache becomes uncool, it's only a matter of time before it becomes so uncool that it's cool again. We know it's confusing, but trust us. There are endless layers of cool and uncool and you just have to put it on at the right moment for it to be totally awesome. Now it's not cool. Fits most upper lips. Now it's cool again.