High Five This Sign - Obvious Plant Book

  • Book of funny posters to hang around your neighborhood
  • Includes 23, 8” x 10-1/4”, hilarious posters
  • Written by Jeff Wysaski (Obvious Plant, Pleated Jeans)
  • Surreal, bizarre and weird. Just like you!
Item #: 12677


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WANTED: People to watch me do sick Judo Moves in the park

Looking to freak out your neighbors and make the world a funnier and weird place? If you like robots, slime monsters and duck fights, have we got a book for you. Obvious Plant, Jeff Wysaski, is an internet star! You’ve seen his pictures trending on every news outlet and now you can pull his pranks yourself. Take the hilarious posters in this book and hang them around your neighborhood to make the world more magical. This book has twenty-three 8” x 10-1/4” perforated tear-out pages.