Deluxe Disguise Glasses - Dark Skin Tone

  • Plastic glasses with dark skin nose, furry eyebrows, and mustache
  • Instant Halloween costume
  • Fits most adult heads
  • Darker skin tone than the original Disguise Glasses
Item #: M6633


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  • Hide in plain sight with the ultimate classic disguise

      We’ve gone back to basics and improved the greatest novelty of all time. Now available in a dark skin tone with a high-quality frame, more durable nose and funnier fake fur, these are disguise glasses that will last you the rest of your life. This classic disguise will give you a whole new look, unless you already have a sizable nose, big eyebrows and thick black glasses. Just like Superman's clever alter ego Clark Kent, no one will recognize you as soon as you put on these glasses. Keep a pair in your bag or glove compartment for disguise emergencies or unexpected costume parties. It's the glasses and mustache disguise you've been waiting for. 

      Also available in Light Skin Tone

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