Archie McPhee Starter Kit

  • Introduce a friend to Archie McPhee
  • They’ll get $10 off their first order
  • Random bunch of weird stuff
  • Don’t forget to leave a gift message when you check out
Item #: M6624


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  • Surely you know someone as strange as you are

      Have a (weird) friend you think would like Archie McPhee? Send them an Archie McPhee Starter Kit! Each kit includes $10 off their first order, a Rubber Chicken Finger Puppet, a pair of Finger Hands, two Finger Monsters, a pack of Super Awesome Trading Cards, a pressed penny, a Strange Friends Notebook and a bunch of other stuff. We promise they’ll be impressed and a little freaked out. We’ll also give them stickers and a catalog along with a Strange Friends certificate telling them that you thought they’d like us.

      Don’t forget to fill out a gift message on the cart page with your name and recipient's name so we know how to fill out the certificate!