The History of the Librarian Action Figure and Nancy Pearl

We made a new version! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see it!

Yes, we made the Librarian Action Figure and world famous librarian Nancy Pearl was the model. We debuted it in 2003 and sold 28,000 in a week! While the action figure is no longer made, it is something we're very proud of. Nancy Pearl has many accomplishments, but perhaps her most famous is the “If All of Seattle Read the Same Book” program that spread throughout the country inspiring communities to join together through a shared reading experience. At its most popular the action figure was even featured in a front page story in the Seattle Times. Nancy Pearl is currently a commentator on NPR's Morning Edition
Here is the original product description:
You can have all the books, magazines, periodicals, journals, videos, and CD ROMs in the world, but without a librarian you'll be frustrated and overwhelmed before you can say "Dewey Decimal System." And although most librarians can't travel faster than a speeding bullet, or leap over tall buildings in a single bound, they can direct you to an article on the physics of speed, an instructional pamphlet on high jumping, and a book of photographs of the world's tallest buildings. Each 5" tall, hard plastic Librarian Action Figure is modeled after Nancy Pearl, a real-life librarian in the Seattle area. Press the button on her back and her arm will move with amazing "shushing action!" Comes with a tiny plastic replica of her most recent book, Book Lust, and a stack of random literature. The card features a brief history of libraries on the back as well as a realistic check-out card in a classic library sleeve along with two bookmarks and a Nancy Pearl trading card!

It was so popular we even did a deluxe version of it!

If you just can't get enough of the Dewey decimals or if you go bananas for books, chances are you have a Librarian Action Figure. Nancy Pearl's likeness made history as the best selling Librarian Action Figure of all time, but the true collector needs this Deluxe Edition. Each 5" tall, hard vinyl figure is dressed in a stylish burgundy outfit and comes in a library diorama with a reference desk, computer, book cart, multiple book stacks and some loose books, including a tiny plastic replica of Nancy's latest, More Book Lust. Press the button on her back for the infamous "amazing shushing action!"

Nancy Pearl Signing the Librarian Action Figure at Archie McPhee

Nancy Pearl signing a Librarian Action Figure at Archie McPhee


And now, because the public demanded it, we've brought back the Librarian Action Figure in super hero form! She has a removable cape and a deep understanding of how knowledge is organized. Celebrate an everyday hero! 

Librarian Action Figure 





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