Bigfoot Pocket Journals

  • Set of three notebooks
  • Each is 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" with 48 pages
  • Decorated with Bigfoot images and info
  • Preferred by the actual Bigfoot for writing
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  • Makes every grocery list a cryptozoological adventure

      You can always use plain notebooks when you need to write something down, but why not use awesome notebooks? This set of three notebooks is decorated with three different Bigfoot covers. You can write anything you want inside, but to the world, you'll always look like a scientist trying to find Sasquatch. Each journal is 5-1/2" x 3-1/2", has 48 pages and a kraft cover with a pocket in the back. These are used by the actual Bigfoot to write his slam poetry!

      Why you search for me so much?
      By Bigfoot

      Bigfoot mind own business
      Stay away from everyone
      But, instead of privacy
      this makes Bigfoot irresistible.
      Just like JD Salinger
      Bigfoot have people with cameras
      outside his mud hutch
      when all he wants is to
      live his life
      hour by hour
      day to day
      treasuring the silent golden moments of myself
      Bigfoot not on Twitter
      Bigfoot not on Facebook
      Bigfoot was on MySpace briefly
      but ex-girlfriend started following him
      and writing mean comments on page
      Bigfoot not need that kind of grief
      now Bigfoot hungry for grubs